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Four Great Podcasts



Have you come across any great podcasts lately? We’d love to hear your suggestions, but in the meantime here are a few of our favorites:

IF YOU want something gripping

Dirty John:┬áThis podcast is based on a true story of a woman who thinks she’s found true love at long last. If you’re reading this and you’re above the age of 30, then you know that true love doesn’t exist and the nicer he is the more likely he is to be a murderer or on some FBI wanted list. I’ve said more than enough. If you’re interested to see what the characters in the podcast look like in real life, click here, but make sure you listen first because the article has spoilers!

IF YOU are into true crime and have a sense of humor

My Favorite Murder: This show feels like you’re having a lazy night in with two of your best friends. Not for the easily offended, this podcast starring best friends and comedians Georgia and Karen, tells the story of two different murders each episode — always with hilarious commentary.

IF YOU are fascinated by the war on ISIS

Caliphate: Ever wonder what makes an average kid from a place like Canada join ISIS? No? Is that not what normal people spend their days thinking about? How dare you imply that I am not normal! Anyway, tune into this podcast to hear first-hand why a young Pakistani-Canadian with moderate Muslim parents joined ISIS, how he joined ISIS, what happened when he joined ISIS and how he got out. I think i’ve typed ISIS enough times to get myself on some kind of watch-list. I will now be going underground for some time.

IF YOU need to heal your soul

Super Soul by Oprah: Yes, we know, Oprah can do no wrong. With guest speakers like Eckhart Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh and topics ranging from healing to defining, you’re guaranteed to discover, learn and grow with this podcast.