Serious Notes

How I Started Working Out Regularly Using These Three Methods

Let me start by pointing out that I am the unhealthiest person you’ll ever come across. I’m not kidding, I had a cupcake for breakfast today; they were Minion themed and I made sure to choose the grumpy Minion so it could judge me while I ate it.

However, when i’m not eating cupcakes or swerving into a McDonalds drive-thru I manage to occasionally get myself to a studio for a workout session.

My point is, if I can stick to a consistent workout routine for over a year, anyone can.

Here are a few tips on how to find and stick to a workout regimen from a person who has mostly avoided working out for 28 years of their life:

1. Do it for the right reasons. For years I’ve struggled with weight loss and that was always my motivation to go work out. I wanted to lose weight and fast, which was why I never really stuck anything out. Around my 28th birthday I began to worry about things like heart attacks, diabetes and knee and back problems which was when I decided to commit seriously to getting into shape in order to avoid all of those things. It was only when I started about thinking about my health as a long term goal that I committed to workouts and began to accept that they were more of a way of life than a get-thin-fast plan. Consider the consequences of not taking care of your body and find the right reasons to get in shape.

3. Experiment, experiment, experiment. The first thing I decided to do was experiment with as many different types of workouts as possible. I did EMS (that shit will tickle you to death, but it has great results) and I tried Zumba (I can’t stand loud music and excited people). It took me a class or two of each to realize that they were not for me, but that was okay because in the meantime I was also trying Yoga and Pilates. I found Yoga a little too slow for my taste but I absolutely fell in love with Pilates. A year and a half later, and I’ve managed to stick to a strict twice-a-week schedule of Pilates classes with a few yoga classes in between to change things up. And I haven’t stopped there, my latest goal is to experiment with a few more workouts (like kickboxing and aqua biking) so make a list of half a dozen or so different workouts and go out and experiment!

3.  Admit that your excuses are bullshit. Truth time. I am the queen of making up excuses for why I shouldn’t work out on any given day: i’m too bloated, i’m coming down with the flu, mercury is in retrograde, I read an article about a guy who worked out when he didn’t feel like it and he died… you name it, i’ve probably used it to avoid a class. It wasn’t until I decided to call myself out on my bullshit that the excuses stopped working. The weather is bad? Bullshit, you can still make it to class. You don’t have anyone to babysit your kid? Bullshit, you can probably organize something for an hour or so. Slowly, the excuses became less and less and I began to make it to my classes more regularly. Next time you have an excuse, call yourself out on your bullshit.