Do You Dream?

I don’t dream often, but when I do it’s always the one reoccuring theme: water. In one dream i’m in an unfamiliar room where when I open the balcony doors i’m met with an enormous rectangular swimming pool. It’s water is deep and inviting and the sky is magnificently bright. In this dream I can hear faint voices of people laughing and chatting, of kids playfully shrieking.

In another dream i’m entering a lake so big I can’t see the end of it. The water is completely still, peacefully so. The sky is blue and clear and I am calmly swimming across it.

Lately however, my dreams have taken a different turn. In one recent dream i’m at a country fair or carnival, the grounds are barren and dusty and we’re confined by tall wooden walls. As the sun sets I notice that my surroundings go eerily quiet and suddenly i’m no longer surrounded by people. I realize i’m practically alone and I get a faint feeling that i’m being hunted..

Do you believe dreams are signs or messages? Do you have a reoccuring dream or one that you just can’t seem to shake off?


One thought on “Do You Dream?

  1. That’s so odd! I feel like mine are a bit of a mishmash of things I’ve been thinking about, people, and events that have happened, a bit like a brain dump!


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