Hotel Review: Shangri-La in Muscat, Oman

shangri la muscat booking

Rating: 7/10

This is one of the few hotel options out there that caters to every type of guest. With two large resorts connected by a long shoreline, Shangri-La offers a family-style option, named Al Waha and an upscale, romantic stay, Al Bandar, that is strategically nested up on a small cliff overlooking the ocean.

The Vibe:Laid back. Al Waha has no shortage of activities for the little ones. Outdoor activities include multiple pools (for all ages) a large grass play-area, and a lazy river. If the sun gets to be too much there is also a small indoor play-room with seated activities and a bigger indoor play area with large slides and walls to climb. Al Bandar boasts multiple pools as well and a lazy river, water sports and spacious beach-front lounge areas.

shangri la 2

The Room Service: Great burgers, average coffee.

The Restaurants: This is where the hotel loses points in my opinion. Since the location of the resort doesn’t allow for easy coming and going, visitors are mostly limited to the options inside the resort, which in my opinion could have been better. I tried the pool bar for lunch and the buffet at Samba for dinner, and would not recommend any of them. I did like Capri Court though, which offers a contemporary Italian experience with a view. It’s nestled just where the cliffs meet the shore at Al Bandar and the food was delicious (reservations in advance may be necessary).

The Spa:One of the best spa experiences I’ve had. It’s in a separate building, nestled behind a garden filled with the serene sounds of water flowing. The shop inside the spa is worth a quick look into; I purchased some tea from them and a bathrobe, which I found was higher in quality than most hotels.

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