If Someone Screams Girls Trip One More Time…

I went on a weekend getaway last week that didn’t start off too well. Being a person who was always on time, I arrived to the airport early and proceeded to wait for my two friends who ran in just as the counter was about to close, puffy faced and rambling about how they almost ran over a local celebrity. The gentleman at the counter was kind enough to let us through if they told him which local celebrity, after which we headed straight to the plane.

Just as we boarded a huge storm hit and the captain came out to tell us the that the airport was temporarily closed and if anyone wanted to get off the plane for a bit, that would be fine.. but apparently my friend heard “we’re all going to die, this is the end…” and literally panic-runs off the plane.

We’re told the flight will be delayed for about two hours so we head towards one of the burger places in the terminal for dinner and just as our order arrives (a mere 11 minutes from when we were told to get off the plane) our names our called out and staff from the Airlines are rushing towards us trying to guide us like burger-tray carrying sheep towards the gate. We drop our food, start running, my coke is in my hand so i’m sipping and running, my friends grabs the coke from my mouth throws it into the trash and yanks me to run faster and eventually we make it on the plane.

On the flight I got the pleasure of sitting next to the friend with the plane phobia who 40 minutes into the flight starts begging to be let off the plane due to turbulance and i’m all calmly like “we’re not dying today.” So she asks how I know that and I go “because I can just feel these things.” And she nodded like she believed me but then we went through some SERIOUS turbulance and I was like “well, umm actually…”

Anyway, we made it in one piece and had a pretty decent 48-hour tanning session and the most delicious truffle angel-hair pasta.


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