Is that a Sea Turtle or a Floating Corpse?

This week was Spring Break at my daughter’s school so a few of my cousins and I decided to take our kids for a week-long resort vacation in Muscat. I know, I know, it sounds like a good idea until you’re knee deep in the kid’s pool screaming at one kid to stop sticking their finger inside the other kids nose …

Also, is anyone like me where they try their best to stay healthy during a vacation but then fail miserably? And by miserably I mean six plates of pancakes and two Russian olympic-looking women staring with judgement? And we all know, Russian judgement is the worst kind of judgement.

I was a bit disappointed with myself for breaking what was my longest healthy-habit streak ever (three weeks, and please I can’t handle any more judgement) but I made up for it by signing up for Aqua Aerobics. It was a seniors Aerobics class but it still counts.

On the second day we took a boat ride out to see the dolphins which was hands down the highlight of the trip. It was such a lovely serene sight watching them swim around so gracefully. The kids howling on the boat was not so serene but when one cousin suggested we recreate the Hunger Games Aqua-Edition they seemed to quiet down. We came across the biggest sea turtles ever, which was a fun sight until my cousin shrieked because she thought they were floating corpses (we all agreed she needed to re-asses her TV show choices).

On the third day we explored their local Souk which was okay and had some ice cream at one of the restaurants nearby. The rest of the vacation was spent on the resort where activities were limitless. One evening was spent watching the worst magic show ever. The poor guy was SO BAD, he kept getting heckled by a ten year old and for one of his tricks he asked me to draw something and he would guess it, only he got it wrong and I was filming the entire thing. I told my cousins I was worried he’d make himself disappear for his final act and would just drown himself in the ocean. We’d come across the body the next day and there’d be a note in his pocket blaming the bitch who wouldn’t stop filming.

Anyway, i’m tanned and fat now so i’d call this trip a huge success!


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