Avocado Toast, Bikinis and Memes

You guys, I am all avocado toasted out. Yesterday I came across a picture on Instagram of three slices of avocado toast, each with different garnishes, surrounded by scattered aesthetically pleasing foods like a perfectly semi-peeled boiled egg and bright red cherry tomatoes scattered just the right way, all of which was photographed under perfect lighting and taken by an expensive camera at just the right angle and all I could think about was some idiot probably wasted four hours of their day taking this photograph and I flipped past it in less than a third of a second. Which is when I turned to my 7yr old and said, “come take a look at this” because it was a great teaching moment and so the conversation went as follows:

Little One: It’s a nice picture, mom

Me: Yes, but does this change your life in any way? Do you want to sit and stare at this picture for another hour? What useful things can we do with this picture? What does this picture even mean?

Little One: Umm…

Me: All this for likes..

Little One: What are likes?

Me: Things people use to measure self-worth

This was when I lost her to a Peppa Pig episode on her iPad but that didn’t matter, I was adamant that my daughter not spend hours upon hours creating the perfect avocado toast picture or the funniest meme or God-forbid spend her entire lifetime seeking the perfect angle for a bikini pic that would break her previous avocado toast likes-record…

You guys, I’m sick of it. Of social media and of non stop memes being forwarded and fake lol’s and all those girls on the beach in bikinis are becoming one faint blur of boobs and extensions and I’ve just had it..

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