Do You Dream?

I don’t dream often, but when I do it’s always the one reoccuring theme: water. In one dream i’m in an unfamiliar room where when I open the balcony doors i’m met with an enormous rectangular swimming pool. It’s water is deep and inviting and the sky is magnificently bright. In this dream I can hear faint voices of people laughing and chatting, of kids playfully shrieking.

In another dream i’m entering a lake so big I can’t see the end of it. The water is completely still, peacefully so. The sky is blue and clear and I am calmly swimming across it.

Lately however, my dreams have taken a different turn. In one recent dream i’m at a country fair or carnival, the grounds are barren and dusty and we’re confined by tall wooden walls. As the sun sets I notice that my surroundings go eerily quiet and suddenly i’m no longer surrounded by people. I realize i’m practically alone and I get a faint feeling that i’m being hunted..

Do you believe dreams are signs or messages? Do you have a reoccuring dream or one that you just can’t seem to shake off?


Pasta (and more) in Mykonos..

Say yes!

Something I’ve been doing a lot more of the past year. One thing I was especially eager to say yes to was a spontaneous birthday bash in one of my favorite islands in the world, Mykonos. The charming tiny shoe-box airport, the insane blue sky that welcomes you as you twist and turn down their narrow roads, the pristine white walls of houses, hotels and restaurants, the music that’s always blasting from somewhere and finally, the people. They’re gorgeous, their tans will make you want to rip the skin off your own body (its pasty existence is not worthy of being in their presence), and they’ll charm the sense out of you (ladies and gents, you have been warned).

Here’s like 1% of what I had to eat in the days leading up to my birthday!

Where’s your favorite food destination?